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        【VISION】Future Vision: what we want to be

         「Create new future through fashion」

           Fashion, which is indispensable for people’s life, has big potential to make people happy


                We will attract and maximize its possibility through education and business so that

                the people all over the world can establish new era, where cultural and peaceful society

                will be created beyond the difference of state, nation, and ethnic group.

        【MISSION】Our Mission: What we want to realize

          「Through fashion we will be a bridge to connect Japan and Muslim world」

           We believe that people in the world will be mentally rich and can create a happy society by

                understanding Muslim culture and value, and strengthening communication and friendship.

                In order to realize that we create and manage projects for understanding of Muslim culture

                and value (way of thinking).


【 Donation 】

     We develop educational projects to promote understanding of Muslim in all over the world.

               Hoping to create peaceful and happy society in the world, we invite donations from people who agree

               with the concept of our project

【 Exclusive Account for the Project 】

The collected donation will be deposited in the exclusive account for this project separately from our regular account


           【VALUE】Our attitude: what we have to be

         1.To continue challenging

         2.To act sincerely

​         3.To build up trust

           We will engage in innovation to create good future by always expressing gratitude and keeping

                sympathy and modesty to all humankind

【 Blog 】

We introduce the daily activities of our project and its members.


【VIP Membership Information】

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